Teaching Aids


1. The polyurethane foam cell is shaped like:

A. hexagonal pentagon B. pentagonal dodecahedron
C. tri-tetrahedron D. None of the above

2. Density is measured in:

A. pounds per cubic foot B. kilograms per cubic meter
C. kilograms per cubic centimeter D. A & B

3. What does IFD stand for?

A. Internal Force Deflection B. International Foam Detail
C. Indentation Force Deflection D. Intentional Foam Density

4. When you divide the 65% IFD by the 25% IFD, you get the:

A. Density B. Flex Fatigue
C. Durability D. Compression Modulus

5. The key to all foam applications is:

A. Support B. Comfort
C. Durability D. All of the above

6. The empty spaces the struts in FPF cell formation are called: _____________

7. A softening or loss of firmness in the foam is called _____________________

8. What is measured by dropping a steel ball onto the foam cushion and measuring
how high the ball rebounds?


9. What is the ability of foam to maintain original support characteristics after flexing called?


10. Which is used for items such as carpet cushioning, bedding, furniture cushioning and automotive seating?

Rigid polyurethane foam Flexible polyurethane foam

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