12 Ways for Your Company to Be Proactive on Fire Prevention

1. Support the National Fire Prevention Association’s (NFPA) Home Sprinkler Initiative. These are the folks behind the successful Coalition for Fire-safe Cigarette Campaign (99.8% of the population is now, or will soon be, better protected due to fire-safe cigarette legislation.) With that battle largely won, NFPA is now tackling home sprinklers. Learn more.

2. Download fire-prevention checklists, make copies and distribute to every employee. It's a good way to say that your company cares.

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3. Help emphasize the importance of smoke detectors by doing any or all of the following:

  • Give every employee a smoke detector
  • Distribute 9 volt batteries with a reminder that all employees should replace batteries on their home smoke detectors
  • Raffle off several smoke detectors and home fire extinguishers

4. Distribute fire safety information for employees’ children. There are downloadable flyers with lots of fire safety information in English – and in Spanish.

5. Sponsor a children's art contest on fire prevention. Invite the children of all employees to create an 8-1/2 x 11 "poster" about fire prevention and display them at your offices, providing a certificate of appreciation to all who participate (no need to make it a contest, everyone's a winner here)!

6. Make a contribution to your local fire department in honor of your employees. Call the fire station manager and ask what else you can do to help. Arrange to have a local firefighter give a lunchtime presentation on fire prevention. Consider coordinating a bake-off, with all entries being donated to local fire stations.

7. Place Fire Prevention Posters in employee work areas and lunchrooms. Here's a small, four-color poster you can download and print.


8. Organize a support group and incentives for employees who want to quit smoking. (This helps save lives in more ways than one!) Find lots of materials from the American Cancer Society to support a company-wide “Stop Smoking” campaign.
Start with this Payroll stuffer.

9. Smoking is the #1 cause of home fire. Download these fact sheets on safety for employees who haven’t been able to quit – or who live with a smoker.

10. Send your employees a link to this safety message on smoking in the home and suggest they distribute to friends or family that have yet to quit smoking.

11. Distribute a fire escape plan worksheet to all employees.

12. Give a fire chief's hat and a fire prevention checklist to everyone in the company. You can purchase hats at a local party store or order child-size fire hats online at the Oriental Trading Company. The cost is $6.50 $4.98 (reduced!) per dozen. Upside down, the hats make great candy dishes, planters, lunchroom centerpieces and raffle ticket holders.

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