Joint Industry Foam Standards and Guidelines


Published: 7/94


10.1 Preparation of Samples
Prior to measuring length, width and height of various purchased foams units, the furniture/foam industry has agreed that the following is a reasonable preparatory step: All foam compressed in any manner during shipping shall be removed from its compressed state and allowed to recover undisturbed for 24 hours prior to any measurement for acceptance and/or billing purposes.

10.2 Tolerance Guidelines

10.2.1 Foam units

A. Whole, untrimmed buns

  • Width: overall width minus 1"
  • Thickness: Cut line at top containing no skin to bottom of bun, less 3/4" allowance for trimming bottom skin
  • Length: Ordered length, plus 1"
B. Top trimmed buns
  • Purchased height, plus 1/2", minus 0"
C. Slab Goods(Thickness 1" or greater)
  • Length: Purchased length, plus 1/2", minus 0"
  • Width: Purchased width, plus 1/4", minus 0"
  • Thickness: Purchased thickness, plus or minus 1/16
D. Unconvoluted Roll Goods (1/2" to 1")
  • Length: plus or minus 1/2 %
  • Width: plus 1/4", minus 0"
  • Thickness: plus or minus 1/16"
E. Convoluted Foam
  • Length: Purchased length, plus 1", minus 0"
  • Width: plus 1/4", minus 0"
  • Thickness: Base between pinnacles, plus or minus 1/8"
  • Pinnacle thickness above base, plus or minus 1/8"
  • Combined pinnacle and base thickness, plus or minus 1/8"
  • Set nested pinnacle to pinnacle, plus or minus 1/8"

Fabricated Cushions Cushion units including convoluted wrap, garnetted polyester, resinated polyester, and other constructions are to meet furniture manufacturer's specifications as agreed by user and supplier. Note: All wrapping materials should be stripped from the cushion unit before measuring.

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