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Please read this informative article. Occupational Health & Safety published an in-depth feature story on methods used within the flexible polyurethane foam industry to minimize potential worker and environmental exposure to TDI. It explains current storage, handling, emissions control and safety education practices and helps readers understand how this industry has achieved an outstanding safety record using TDI in flexible foam manufacturing.

No Risk Of Exposure To TDI From Cured Flexible Polyurethane Foam Products.
Polyurethane Foam Association document cites scientific studies, research journals, and government agencies to clarify proposed EPA Significant New Use Rule January 23, 2015

Opportunities for a National Flammability Standard for Upholstered Furniture May 22, 2014

Report: Management of Solid Wastes That May Contain Flame Retardant Content
May 5, 2012 (revised)

Foam Plants Get Clean Bill of Health

Letter to Rebecca Williams, Reporter, The Environment Report, National Public Radio February 26, 2010

PFA Addresses American Home Furnishings Alliance Flammability Workshop - March 20, 2008

PFA Recommends Temporary Suspension of Small Open Flame Testing of Upholstered Furniture, March 20, 2007

Opinions and Critiques on North Carolina TDI Emissions Evaluations

PFA Statement on Furniture and Fillings Flammability for CBS News, Feb. 17, 2004

Facts on Flammability

Position on Furniture and Mattress Flammability

Position Statement on Residential Mattress Flammability

Basics of Polyurethane Foam and the Use of Combustion Modifying Additives

Statement on pentaBDE Combustion Modifying Additives

News Release Announcing Conversion from PBDE Combustion Modifying Additives, Jan. 17, 2005