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Open cell, flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) is a polymer material used in residential and commercial furnishings, automotive interiors, carpet underlay and in hundreds of industrial, medical, packaging and technical applications. More than 1.5 billion pounds of flexible polyurethane foam are produced in North America each year.

The Polyurethane Foam Association represents manufacturers and suppliers to the flexible polyurethane foam industry. We provide support on issues affecting our industry, education to users of flexible polyurethane foam, and guidance to our members on regulatory compliance.

Key Markets For Flexible Polyurethane Foam


Flexible polyurethane foam is used in upholstered furniture, office furniture, and other applications. Foam is a key component for delivering comfort and style.


Mattresses may contain layers of foam with innersprings, or the entire mattress could be made from foam. Special foam formulations such as viscoelastic foam (memory foam) are designed specifically for mattress applications.


In automobilies, flexible polyurethane foam is used for seats, headliners, dash and door padding and sound deadening. Many products use molded foam technology to create unique shapes and performance attributes.

Carpet Cushion

Flexible polyurethane is a dominant material  in carpet cushion, with much of it recycled from industrial or consumer applications. Bonded foam carpet cushion provides comfort and protects carpet from wear.


Flexible polyurethane foam provides excellent protection from shock or other forces that can damage equipment or other valuables. Foam  is form-fitting,  lightweight, and resilient, to withstand abuse over and over.

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