Together, We Have More Impact.

For almost 40 years, the Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA) has represented flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, sharing research and best practices, providing compliance guidance and effectively advocating for the industry’s interests. 

Responding to legislative and regulatory threats, changes in the legal landscape, misinformation in the media, false advertising claims, threats to market share from alternative products that claim to be substitutes for flexible polyurethane foam – these challenges are all better addressed as an industry.

Pulling together – harnessing the power of the industry – gives us a stronger voice in the nation’s capital, in state capitals, in the headlines – and allows us to overcome obstacles that individual member companies could not successfully take on alone. What’s more, putting the association on the front lines can diffuse the glare of attention on any one member company

PFA offers four different Membership classifications:

Manufacturing Membership – companies that manufacture FPF in U.S. facilities from chemical raw materials.

Associate/Supplier Membership – companies that supply raw materials, production and diagnostic equipment, testing and technology services to FPF manufacturers.

Federated Membership – FPF manufacturers with production facilities entirely outside the United States.

Molded Foam Division Members – PFA manufacturing and federated members focused on production of molded flexible polyurethane production, and the product stewardship demands of the automotive, business furniture and other specialty markets.


Member Benefits Summary

Manufacturing Membership

Associate/Supplier Membership

Molded Manufacturer Membership

Federated Membership